Unveiling the Splendor of Dubai Hills: How Many Villas Await

Dubai Hills Estate, the inaugural phase of the ambitious Mohammed Bin Rashid City, stands as a monumental ‘city within the city’ endeavor. The brainchild of a strategic partnership between Emaar and Meraas Holding, Dubai Hills Estate unfolds as a mixed-use oasis, a constellation of unique neighborhoods intertwined around an illustrious 18-hole championship golf course.

Spanning an impressive expanse of 11 million square meters, Dubai Hills Estate is a testament to the fusion of urban innovation and natural harmony. The development’s canvas is adorned with sprawling landscaped parks, enchanting gardens, meandering walkways, and vast open spaces, inviting residents and visitors to embrace the outdoors.

At its core, Dubai Hills embodies opulence and aspiration, evident in its exclusive villa community that beckons prospective homeowners to embrace the epitome of luxury living. The community offers a handpicked selection of spacious villas, each a canvas upon which residents can paint their desired lifestyle – perfect for family life and captivating entertainment. The architectural diversity on offer ensures that Dubai Hills redefines the essence of elegance and style.

As the curtains draw closer to the completion of Dubai Hills, the grand count of 4,600 villas and 22,000 flats emerges, each unit designed to encapsulate the highest standards of contemporary living. This visionary enclave doesn’t just stop at residences; it stretches further to embrace a 143,000-square-meter ‘lifestyle mall,’ a retail paradise spanning 210,000 square meters, and an impressive 197,000 square meters of office space. The canvas also hosts two luxurious hotels, a state-of-the-art tennis academy, and a network of cycling and jogging tracks that spans an impressive 45 kilometers.

Dubai Hills is a symphony composed of three distinct zones, each narrating a tale of innovation and luxury. The northern zone, facing the iconic Al Khail Road, hosts two sprawling malls and an array of mid-rise residential blocks, all nestled along a 7-kilometer boulevard adorned with shops and gastronomic delights. This zone promises a total of 22,000 flats, a true testament to urban convenience.

Centered around the captivating golf course, the development unveils a low-density housing haven harboring 97 enchanting villas. Additionally, two exclusive communities – the Fairways and Parkways – accommodate an additional 300 lavish villas, embracing the crème de la crème of elegance and comfort.

The third zone within Dubai Hills proudly presents higher-density gems in the form of townhouses and villas, where Maple and Sidra communities shine. Maple, embodied in Maple 1 and 2, shelters more than 1,300 townhouses. Meanwhile, Sidra, boasting phases 1 and 2, embraces around 330 luxurious villas, each an emblem of architectural brilliance. With Sidra’s Phase 3 yet to make its debut, Dubai Hills continues to unfold, showcasing a commitment to perpetual evolution and innovation.

Dubai Hills Estate, the manifestation of luxury, innovation, and community spirit, is poised to redefine urban living. As the grand orchestra of construction draws closer to its crescendo, Dubai Hills emerges as a masterful symphony in the heart of Dubai, a place where luxury finds its ultimate expression.