Renovation in Dubai

Some of the buildings and sites in Dubai are obsolete. We look at sites together. We register the plot with the villa in your name. Then we proceed to the renovation program.


There are areas of development in Dubai from the 2000s with large plots and green areas, but the configuration of these buildings and plots is outdated. Together with you, we review the properties, choose the right one, and help you buy it. The deal is registered in your name and you become 100% owner of the land and the house.

What steps do we suggest


We are developing a project
of the building and site renovation.


We coordinate and manage the reconstruction of turnkey: from obtaining all necessary permits to the complete commissioning of the object.
As we have repeatedly mentioned, there is an increased demand for luxury properties in Dubai, especially for villas. The owners of the villas seek to maximize income by offering exclusive properties to potential buyers. Among other things, the exclusivity of the proposal is expressed in the modern design of both the exterior and the interior of the house, modern materials in the finishing, as well as additional amenities in the property.

Market situation

Real estate transactions in Dubai rose more than 128% year over year in January. According to Property Finder, 41% of investors are interested in villas and townhouses. Among potential buyers there is a growing demand for exclusive properties with modern interior and exterior design.


Developers can’t keep up with the increasing demand: current offers can’t keep up with the demands of potential buyers. We help owners of villas to modernize and renovate their homes to put them on the market. Prices for such objects are significantly higher than the market.

Finance example

Buying a villa
AED 8-12 million.
AED 1-1.5 million
Selling after 12 months: AED 20-23 million (depending on the project).


Renovated villa can be rented out,
Remaining the owner.
Profit: about 1 million dirhams per year.

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