Residence permit + bank account

We help our clients obtain a residence permit for 2 years and a bank account for 14 days.

The process of obtaining a residence permit and obtaining all the necessary documents can take from two months if you handle the documents yourself. There are no guarantees that you will be able to open accounts with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

If you choose us

We help our clients to obtain a residence permit for 2 years and a bank account within 14 days. For registration it is enough to fly to the UAE for 3 days to take fingerprints and pass a small medical examination.


The program includes obtaining Emirates ID and residency for 2 to 10 years.

Why Emirates ID is needed

Emirates ID is an identity document issued to UAE citizens and residents by the ICA Federal Office of Identification and Citizenship. Along with a passport, it is the most important document that every citizen and resident of the country should have, regardless of their age.

After obtaining a visa, you have a wide range of opportunities

  • Live in the UAE for the duration of the visa.
  • Study.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Take a loan.
  • Get an official job.
  • Run your own business.
  • Become a tax resident and pay taxes on preferential terms.
  • Get residency visas for your family.
  • Get training and get driving license.
  • Buy a local SIM card at more favorable rates than for tourists.
  • Use quality services and infrastructure.

Conditions for obtaining a UAE visa

Each of the visas described below requires the applicant to own property worth at least AED 750,000. All these visas can be renewed an unlimited number of times and apply to your family members (husband/wife and children).

Investor Visa

Golden Visa, which allows real estate investors and their families to get a long-term visa.

Previously, the most popular of the investor visas was the Golden Visa for 5 years, which could be obtained when investing in ready-made residential real estate of AED 5 million (USD 1.36 million). But on October 3, 2022, the threshold was lowered to AED 2 million (USD 545 thousand).

If your investment is AED 750 thousand (USD 205 thousand), then you can get an investor visa for 3 years.

3-year resident visa

If you buy a finished residential property worth at least AED 750 thousand in Dubai, you get the opportunity to issue a 3-year investor visa. 

The 5-year Green Visa

The Green Visa is a brand new type of residency that allows expats to sponsor themselves and their family without any assistance from UAE employers/citizens.

10-Year Resident Visa or Golden Visa

If you already own property for a specified value, you can also apply for the Golden Visa. All purchased assets must remain in the applicant’s possession for at least 3 years. If needed, Golden Visa properties can be purchased on credit from certain local banks.

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